• Cemetery, Nightfall, Entity

    ** Trigger Warning – Physical abuse/attack, Death/loss ** Lindsey’s friends warn her to stay out of the old cemetery when night falls on Hallows Eve. They claim it becomes a spiritual conduit and that a malicious entity appears. She ponders whether or not to heed her friends’ warnings as she maneuvers her red Jeep along ...
  • Dead trees

    Staring out her bedroom window, an ominous feeling grew in the pit of Anna’s stomach. She looked at the scene before her. Menacing flames from a recent forest fire threatened her residential community, but firefighters saved all homes. However, the inferno scorched nearby hillsides and distant mountains, leaving thousands of acres consumed from its feeding ...
  • 1108

    When Angie put her key in the front door and opened it for the first time, she felt a presence. Strange. She carried her overstuffed suitcase and a little bit of fear over the threshold into her temporary home. This would be fine. She was only house sitting for the Debsons for the week, and she ...
  • 1335

    “Why?” I shrugged at Jenna in response. I bent down and squinted, studying the brick wall once more. I was hoping the letters would change, that somehow, I’d misread the large and blotchy message spray painted in red. The words blurred as tears filled my eyes. These weren’t tears of sorrow, though. I wasn’t sad, ...