• Fearless One

    *** TRIGGER WARNING*** Abuse and abduction It had been six hours into the day with no word from Evan. Ms. Lima, his elementary school teacher, reported last seeing him sitting under a tree in front of the gymnasium of Voorshilt Elementary. Evan sat there to shield himself from the scorching sun of mid-summer July, waiting ...
  • Woman with head on pillow

    ***Trigger Warning*** The following deals with Suicide. Wake up, dollface. It’s time to start a new day. The world needs you, and your pressure will go away soon. Wake up and plaster the made-up smile onto your face. They need to see it. They need to know that you’re okay. You’re always okay; your smile ...
  • 1313

    ***Trigger Warning: Article Contains Suicide and Drug Use*** On April 25, 1989, at 5:17 a.m., my father placed a handgun in his mouth, pulled the trigger, and ended his life. He was forty-five years old. His forty-sixth birthday was only twenty-three days away. My younger brother’s thirteenth birthday was only five days away. Unlike some ...