Jessica Kay founded Coffee House Writers in May 2017, driven by her quest for a motivating and empowering writing community. Discover more about our visionary founder here.

In January 2022, ownership transitioned to Lisa and Ian Mildon, ushering in a new era where writers and poets choose their content within fiction, nonfiction, and poetry genres. Our platform not only allows for the sharing of original works but also helps writers build a dedicated reader base and network with professional peers.

Our mission is to nurture a supportive community where remote writers and editors hone their craft and gain valuable skills in the online publishing industry.

At Coffee House Writers, we publish articles weekly, offering writers the flexibility of a weekly or bi-weekly submission schedule. Our platform hosts two professional publishing divisions: fiction & nonfiction and poetry.

The fiction and nonfiction department empowers writers to explore their chosen genres and topics while receiving comprehensive feedback from our experienced editors, including substantive, developmental, line, and proofreading edits.

Our poetry department engages poets in an interactive environment, helping them refine their craft and deepen their understanding of this unique art form.

As a dynamic virtual community, effective communication is crucial at Coffee House Writers. We hold regular meetings to keep our team informed of updates and changes, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and community improvement.

Originally registered as an LLC in New Jersey, Coffee House Writers has been licensed as an online publishing business in North Carolina since January 1, 2022.

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The views and opinions expressed in articles/poems are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, policy, or position of Coffee House Writers.