Jessica Kay

Jessica Kay (Jess) created Coffee House Writers in May of 2017 when she was just 23-years-old. Her motivation for starting this team sparked when she found herself stuck in an unmotivating and dead-end writing community as a content creator. She began to struggle in finding an empowering writing community, so she took it upon herself to create one! She has loved writing since she was a young girl and was involved in many school journalism clubs and Advanced Placement English classes. Jess grew up wanting to become an English teacher, but with life experience learned that there are many different ways to guide and teach others.

Jess founded the team as Head Team Captain as well as a writer, editor, and Chief Recruiting Officer. Jess quickly saw the team’s potential and in December of 2017, made it official by registering Coffee House Writers as an LLC, along with giving her the new title of Chief Executive Officer!

Jess made sure that all members of the team felt a presence of community and togetherness and engaged all writers in conversation, support, and love. She is a strong advocate against bullying, discrimination, and harassment and made sure all members of the team were treated as equals, despite their differences, and encouraged writers to be vulnerable and to cherish their unique qualities. Since beginning CHW, she was happy that numerous members of the team felt comfortable enough to come to her for encouragement and support during tough times in their lives. She was able to help others feel comfortable in their own skin as well as grow in their confidence and advance their careers. Jess loves the community she created and still enjoys seeing each writers’ individuality shine. All members of the team have grown to be much like family to her!

Jess has a strong background in leadership and team management, recruiting, communications and problem solving, customer service and crisis counseling, and empathy. She currently works within Client Care Services at an Animal Hospital and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Legal Studies at Southern New Hampshire University.

Jess’s work can be found on Coffee House Writers.

Though she be but little, she is fierce!

William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream