• Mud, water, trees, river

    Standing in my bedroom doorway, the ground binds around my feet, mud reaching up to my ankles. Theebb of water,river,bloated, fear holding me by the ankles, I yearn  —  release. Water resides,revealingsprawling roots, clusters of bulbous buds. Thick crimson limbs meandering through drawers andcupboard doors  —  out the window. Trawling through the mud one foot ...
  • Somewhere in Limbo

        I’m trapped in this limbo cave Between here now and being there Like being between the break of dawn And making your morning debut Like starting your breakfast fair And the larders completely bare Like being showered and cleansed And doing your spruce for no-one at all Like being ready for today And there’s ...
  • Beach

    We have disappointments in our own little world of self-beliefThey come as unexpected reality shocks, like an ocean’s hidden reefAnd we suddenly find ourselves in rough waters out of our depthBeyond the imaginary comfort zone of our own homely wealth The beach is truly a place where people can blend into equalityNonchantly relaxing on warm sand, and ...