• baby feet with daisy

    Anxiously awaited, days slowly passed by. God’s gift of love,flawlessly created. Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay New to this world, a mirror imageof your mom, just as she was to me. Black velvet locks and skin so pink,beautiful little girl. Scent of an angel, so delicate and fresh. Sweet Harmonee, your cryoh music to my ...
  • 974

    To you we owe Our freedom Gratitude And praise   Small steps Defiant stance Made so we Could belong   To you we owe Our opportunities Our voices Our legacy   Persecuted for petty crimes Inaudible cries Noosed up Whooped, sold off   You held on Carried strong So we could be born And we can ...
  • Pregnant mom sleeping

    Almost two weeks ago, I was honored to be present while my daughter gave birth to her daughter. I am still processing the experience and I’m not sure I want to share it with anyone just yet. However, some things did happen that made me want to create awareness about birth etiquette. I realized that ...