• Calm Seas

    Calm seas for a day and a half have turned rough without giving me notice. How must I prepare? I have no choice but to ride the storm. Rising, falling, and rising enough times will make me strong. How do I know this? This isn’t the first time, now is it? Once strong, I could ...
  • figure for posing holding strawberry

    Omnichannel— It’s the new word. The buzz, the bee— Be everywhere— Omnipotent Omnipresent On every channel, every feed— Feed the algorithm Words— Not fruit. My mother gave me a Strawberry slicer On Easter Sunday— A terribly odd, Impractical gift. I smiled outwardly But cringed inside— It reminded me of my studies, My training, in marketing. ...
  • An empty hallway

    I’m awakened by the piercing sound of woeful screams The wind has stopped in recognition of a loss The sun has dimmed her smile in response to a man’s pain An exchange seems to have been made A soul has left a home And is being replaced by wondering and tears What is life? It’s ...
  • Heart

    My heart. My heart aches and I cry. My heart rejoices and I laugh. Today, I feel my heart aching and rejoicing.   Will it ever know its way to reconciliation?
  • Hallway

    When I see youDo I see you? When I hear youDo I listen to you? Am I the only one here?Is it all my reflection? I want to break the mirrorbut the mirror is my reflection, When I break itI see another mewatching me I don’t want to be alone.I want you to join me. ...
  • Sprouting Seed

    Burying her… alive? But she’s a seed. Bound to sprout. And grow – on you too.
  • bird perched on post

    Your harsh wordsinfiltrate a raw nerve. I howl You cringeand disconnect. I lick a scar on the nerve. Later I soothe that ghost of a nerve,That shred of a nothinginto wholesomeness. I invite you to connect.
  • Calming ocean waves

    I’m going with the wave, to a place that may replace or erase, fill the void, And refill my glass. The quiet may confuse many, except I may keep floating in infinite possibilities.
  • Renewed Gypsy

    I knew this dayWould one dayCome upon me. All aloneIn the coldGentle Breeze. The soft windCombs throughMy Auburn hair. I shiver in solitude,Believing it myEntire existence. But what should IA maiden solely beAssured by my volition? Why should I care?I walk alone withA gentle creed. “Me, myself, and I,”I say to thine own self,Fueled not ...
  • Halloween Picture

    The knocking at the front door cut my amusement short, and I’m a little apprehensive. My guard is up as I think of how the house can get its revenge for my taunt.  It surprised me when I opened the door and saw it was my mother. Thoughts swirl through my mind, but the main ...