• Woman Fire Dancing

    Where did the fire girl go when the field finally turned to ash? Where does the one who sets the flame end up when all the kindling is gone and the embers are no more? With smoke in my lungs, I dig through the burnt ruins of my harvests. I hope to find something salvageable ...
  • Halloween Jack O' Lantern

                           Eyes bright and heart hollow                                     Flames seep out                                     Of these grinning fellows                                     Shadows abound outside                                     Ready to scare                                     But around the lanterns                                     They do not dare                                     For behind these fruits’                                     Friendly façade                                     Are dark souls                                  Spilling blood                                     These souls have hurt others                                     ...
  • 817

    Illuminated skull Misshapen by shadows Casting a gaunt face Held tightly against the bones By shimmery tacks of light A hollow vessel, for nothing, resides Where shadows hide Unilluminated, darkened by the increasing black shadows Stealing peace of mind Agitation in the jaw Grinding broken teeth Like shattered glass Embedded in the gums and the ...
  • Cemetery

    i watched you die  and it didn’t happen with blood-stained hands and tear glass eyes    nobody came into the hospital waiting room to tell me they couldn’t help you  no    you go to your favorite coffee shop every day  i still see you driving to work you have a better car than before  ...
  • Lake with Field

    you’re crying to your mother  about the boy  who didn’t give you the time of day  for you to explain  why the stars alligned  before he decided to leave    but what about  the sun  and the moon  who are all working  to give you  the beauty  you’ve been refusing  to let yourself  see  – ...
  • sunset

    sometimes i like to think  we didn’t make it, because of our astrological signs  the stars just didn’t want us together;  it’s what i tell myself.   it makes us sound poetic  that maybe  in another life this was what was supposed to happen    but  honestly  it’s just easier to grasp  because in reality they ...
  • Grim Reaper

    Trigger Warning: Poem Deals With Death and Anger.   When it comes time for the Grim Reaper’s call. Don’t mourn me at all. No tear will you shed. No sorrow will you feel. When the Grim Reaper calls for me. Your life is your own. That, I will not disrupt. No need to let you ...