• Woman in a cave

    Forbidden fruit Forgotten past Long hand moving Time heal fast Born of sin Expected truth This righteous path Shift or move Slight of conscious Human nature Will to live Hence; nothing greater Carry burden Throughout our days When pure emotion Alters fate Toward the heavens Some will seek Observing angels Pray for we.. Forbidden passion ...
  • 1931

    As we go barreling towards the New Year with the last minute shopping and preparations for Christmas day, we hardly take a moment to breathe, let alone think about the stress we are under during this blissful time of year. Although it is a time of joy for most, all the little details to make ...
  • 3244

      Whether you hold them in or have no control over them, emotions can be a tricky thing. I am one of the latter. While I pride myself on being expressive with my emotions, there are times when they control me. Whether it is the uncontrollable tears that seem to come out of nowhere or ...