• Mountain view over lake with sun behind clouds

    A warm breeze grapples hair and skirts as the faces blur as they pass around me. The unfamiliar feels familiar as I slowly move between the cars to the rock’s edge. Voices echo with wonder at the view, vying for the best vantage points to capture a memory they can take home and share. I ...
  • Jason, Kelly, Brian sometime late 1979-ealry 1980

    We returned to Chicago, and Mummy gave her consent to proceed with the wedding as planned. Everything is now rushed, but it turned out well. It’s a quiet affair, a simple ceremony with flowers, candles, and champagne at the Unitarian Church. Words by Dr. Gibbons from the Bible fall soft as petals. Kelly reads passages ...
  • Picture from Fishing Trip

    After the initial shock of Rita’s cancer diagnosis, several meetings with doctors and specialists were scheduled. A treatment regimen is recommended, followed, and monitored closely. It includes surgeries, chemo, and radiation sessions, but not without difficulties. Rita loses her hair and wears a wig. She is not comfortable and hates the thought of wearing it. ...
  • flowers

    “Hey, you! Come play with me.” “I can’t see you, Can you see me?” “I see a blop. Is that you?” “I’m a blop. What form are you?” “I’m formless, but I’m dense. I’m all around you, Blop.” “I feel you, Dense. What can we play?” “Hide and seek?” Said Dense “You’re everywhere,” Said Blop, ...
  • Plant

    I have twisted ways of thinking.   I see fault in my husband’s thinking as if I knew better. Silencing him hurts me.   I interrupt my friend in mid-sentence as if I know what they’re going to say. Silencing them hurts me.   I talk out of order disturbing the peace of the assembly ...
  • Snow

    Reflection and Goals For Next Year The year is almost over. Christmas is right around the corner. 2023 is going to be a good year. The goal is to travel more, and that’s exciting. My best friend is turning 30, so we’re going to Paris and a few other European cities. I’ve never been out ...
  • Better Life

    Have you ever wondered how you got to this point in your life? What events or decisions brought me here? I sure have, more times than I care to admit. No matter how hard I tried, nothing seemed to change. Learning to change the thought process is the first significant step. We all want to ...
  • Houses of neighbors

    Those were the days when neighbors took pride in knowing each other by first and last names Kids, pets included. O, those were the days… Those were the days when neighbors exchanged tomatoes, potatoes, and onions Milk included. O, those were the days… Those were the days when neighbors drove their cars, trucks, and trolleys ...
  • Monarch Butterfly Draws Nectar

    We were young, still in our cocoons when we first met. Flora morphed into a beautiful butterfly, sooner than me. Her wings—the colors of fire, lit the sky. Her flutter stirred many, to reach and pocket her. But free minded, she held her own, unwilling to be caught.   With a grand vision to travel ...
  • a sunset beach

    Powdery white sand shimmers its quartz in sunlight stars twinkle on ground   Singing cardinal joins the drumming woodpecker branches take a bow   Fluttering pupa amidst the dense, tall sand dunes dotted flowers bloom   Sliding waves ashore bring seaweeds, grasses, and more crabs party with bugs   Diving pelican grabs grub by its ...