• Bon fire

    Jared and Jenny’s parents died in a freak car accident when they were ten. The twins moved in with their mother’s identical twin sister, Tabitha. Their aunt’s house was an old Victorian set in Savannah’s historic district. It was four stories tall, with corner windows that faced east, west, north, and south. In each window, ...
  • Various pills

    Eddie had been planning his departure for ages. The incessant bickering which described his married existence drove him to drink. His spouse, Rita, a beauty in her day, changed once she had her claws on his back. She seldom bathed, let alone shaved her hairy legs. Her appetite never ceased, allowing her to blow up ...
  • bloody knife

    In the early morning of Friday, September 4, 1964, in Great Falls, Montana, James and Lois Arrotta tragically lost their lives, leaving seven children, ages six months to twelve years, orphaned. James Arrotta was the general manager of the Super Save grocery store in town, while Lois was a housewife, who took care of her ...
  • Elderly woman holding a picture of her younger self

    Most of us will agree we don’t want to grow old. Of course, we never think that when we are young.  Growing up, I wasted my years away, always wishing to be older.  First, it was, I can’t wait to be ten. Ten was a double-digit. Then it was, I can’t wait until I’m sixteen. ...
  • Image of a dolphin in the ocean jumping in front of a full moon

    In March 2020, my husband and I planned a vacation in the Florida Keys. It was his first trip and my second visiting the Keys. We packed up our bikes and headed down to the condo we had rented. The plan was to meet some friends who had flown down from New Jersey. They rented ...
  • Incubus on top of sleeping woman The Nightmare

    Incubus Be Gone Every morning for two weeks, I’ve awakened at 3:21 a.m. out of a dead sleep. My throat, parched, I reach for my Yeti cup filled with ice water.
  • homeowners association greenhouse

    Several years ago, my husband and I decided to move from a high elevation in the Rocky Mountains to the coastal area of Georgia. We visited the area we thought we wanted to retire several times before making a final decision. It happens the house we fell in love with was in a homeowner’s association ...
  • The Magic Of Christmas

    It’s the day after Thanksgiving. The dishes done, the leftovers put away, and the table is back to normal. The last week I busied myself with cooking recipes that only get made once a year and writing in NaNoWriMo. I surprised myself by keeping to a writing schedule—something I haven’t done in a long while. ...
  • newspaper with the word cancer magnified

    I’ve been telling my husband the only thing I hate about dying is I won’t be able to write about it. As a writer, I gravitate towards death. I’m not sure why. I remember a story I wrote in high school about my death from a car accident. My spirit floated above my body, watching ...
  • Dreaded Pink

    October is a month designated as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month.’ Soon, we’ll start seeing pink everywhere. But it wasn’t always like this. The chances of contracting breast cancer were one in sixty women back in the 1960s. Today, it’s a whole different story. Today, the statistics are one in eight will be diagnosed in their ...