• bloody knife

    In the early morning of Friday, September 4, 1964, in Great Falls, Montana, James and Lois Arrotta tragically lost their lives, leaving seven children, ages six months to twelve years, orphaned. James Arrotta was the general manager of the Super Save grocery store in town, while Lois was a housewife, who took care of her ...
  • Train in winter

    It almost looks like home; if home had shorter mountains and taller trees. The trees look wrong to me, and for a few minutes, I ponder the reason as they appear healthy and proud. Then I realize that there are not any birch trees, or at least very few. All I see is the deep ...
  • space

    There have been numerous legends and stories about monster wolves throughout history. The ancient Dire Wolf lived in North America and Eastern Asia. It is larger than the average wolf, but did it die?  That is the question many scientists are asking themselves. Especially when there have been reports about a strange wolf-like creature called ...
  • music radio

    I learned early on in my career whenever I made a statement about anything, especially politics, I needed to say “in my opinion.” As a DJ in Montana for a community radio station, my interest in politics began when I became informed of the positive changes happening in the studio. A group of older residents ...
  • snowy mountains

    Nicki’s alarm blared at 5:45 AM. Reaching for the snooze button, the anxiety in her chest began. As she pressed her face deeper into the pillow, embracing the warmth, she wondered when this searing pain would subside. It was still dark outside. The sun wouldn’t rise for hours and when it did, it wouldn’t hang ...
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/edenpictures/14725881677/

    What’s your favorite carnivorous dinosaur? Let me tell you mine. As we all know, popular culture’s favorite carnivore is hands down, the Tyrannosaurus rex. The beloved T-rex is followed closely in popularity by the Velociraptor. This is clearly obvious from the Jurassic Park movie franchise. I’ve got a different one, though. Welcome, paleontologists, tourists, and dino ...
  • 1389

    I look out the window and the dark, with city lights twinkling in the distance. I’m exhausted after a week of the general chaos of being a mother to four children and frantic last-minute packing. The train starts to move, the rocking motion and clickety-clack of the wheels on the tracks inviting me to close ...