• Hore Abby

    The þræll glared over the railing as Ingrid inspected the bones. They were smooth and clean, in perfect condition. They’d be a nice gift for her father.  “You do good work,” she praised. “I won’t regret buying you.” The girl muttered something and ducked behind the railing. She could sulk all she liked; they would ...
  • Freshwater Eels

                            Ebony shadows gather in darkness                                     Most by swimming, some by walking                                     Gulping snakes slippery and soft                                     Wriggling fingers freed from hands                                     Disgustingly mysterious, fascinatingly stomach-churning                                     Creatures seen, but never unseen                                     Brought to light through no fault of their own                                     Squirming their way into our thoughts ...
  • Ocean Waves

    “I’m so glad you’re back!” Maya screamed as she ran across the terminal to me. My face warmed as I noticed almost everyone turned to look at us. I ignored them and smiled nonetheless as my best friend rammed into me with a bear hug. “I would never miss your wedding!” She was the only ...
  • 1085

    The second I step foot back in the water I instantly feel stronger   Something about the ocean grounds me   Maybe it’s the tides and currents pulling my body   Maybe it’s the feeling of life pulsing under the surface   The feeling of letting go and trusting something bigger than yourself   It’s ...
  • photo-1522012188892-24beb302783d

    We sat side by side It felt as if we were miles apart Our cups dangled with our feetWe watched as waves crashed against the walls We talked for hours, all our words felt like whispersWas he hiding something? I couldn’t tell The breeze so strong The faint smell of salt in the airLosing reason ...
  • 1735

    I met her when I was little; I don’t remember her name. Her eyes resembled galaxies, her voice the song of the sea. She was made of something more than boring little me. I always knew she was different; there was no denying that. She claimed to be from somewhere else, but could never remember ...
  • Ocean

    The world today Makes it so difficult To find the silence To give yourself the time To heal   To sit and reflect Is not something We are taught to do   It’s so rare to get time Truly alone Without the distractions   From work From friends   Finding the time To sit by ...
  • 3793

    Last year I wrote an article dealing with Mother Earth, who is the third planet from the sun and the fifth-largest planet in the Milky Way Galaxy.  She provides the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Many of her children have come and gone during the 4.5 billion, or ...