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    “Procrastination is my sin.It brings me naught but sorrow.I know that I should stop it.In fact, I will — tomorrow!” — Gloria Pitzer This short poem perfectly describes my biggest daily struggle of being a procrastinator. I am as good at creating excuses as I am at creating stories. Doesn’t matter how motivated I am ...
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    Every action reacts, and time is precious — something we cannot understand at times. Time is a valuable thing, yet we procrastinate. Procrastination is human nature, isn’t it? Don’t want to do something now; there’ll be time to do it later. If you don’t want to make that phone call right now, put it off, ...
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    The actual definition of procrastination is to put off intentionally and habitually or to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done. To the many people who suffer from procrastination, this definition could mean different things. Procrastination can even mean different things to different people. Levels of procrastination can also vary from person ...
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    Hi. My name is Jordan Ballard. I am a sophomore in college, and I am a procrastinator. I will put assignments off until the night before, ignore the due dates, and pretend that I don’t have homework to avoid doing it. I’m sure you’ve done it. Your friends have done it. Procrastination is a fact ...
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    I have always believed that there was something wrong with me. I didn’t know what it was—whether it was a learning disorder, ADD, or something else entirely—but I knew something wasn’t quite “right.” Growing up, I excelled in school. Without sounding conceited, I am a fairly intelligent person and a quick learner. Due to my ...