• sun set with tree in front

    In a split second, Hana wrenched herself away while the Captain remained frozen, the last light in his eyes glazing over. Brigdu readied a glistening spear, the ends of his fingers shaking. “Watch him!” Hana held her hand up out of instinct. Sayrin gasped behind her. Ino leaped through the crowd again, past the Posdin, ...
  • Halloween Picture

    The knocking at the front door cut my amusement short, and I’m a little apprehensive. My guard is up as I think of how the house can get its revenge for my taunt.  It surprised me when I opened the door and saw it was my mother. Thoughts swirl through my mind, but the main ...
  • Bon fire

    Jared and Jenny’s parents died in a freak car accident when they were ten. The twins moved in with their mother’s identical twin sister, Tabitha. Their aunt’s house was an old Victorian set in Savannah’s historic district. It was four stories tall, with corner windows that faced east, west, north, and south. In each window, ...
  • Various pills

    Eddie had been planning his departure for ages. The incessant bickering which described his married existence drove him to drink. His spouse, Rita, a beauty in her day, changed once she had her claws on his back. She seldom bathed, let alone shaved her hairy legs. Her appetite never ceased, allowing her to blow up ...
  • dark books

    “That’s not possible,” said Sayrin, unable to keep her eyes off the shore, “They’ve never—” “Wait, it’s slowing down!” Hana pointed as the Joondin struggled to take another step. Every second it slowed, pain smeared across its face as if it walked through fire instead of water. “As well as it should,” snapped Sayrin, though ...
  • Halloween Picture

    Seeing my unaged brother at Mr. Keith’s house sends me into denial. I know it’s impossible, but my eyes tell me otherwise. My brother stands in the window, staring at me, or is he? I don’t know, but somehow the house is involved. I’m sure of that, and, starting today, I’ll ferret out every secret ...
  • old shack in the forest

    Content Warning: Drug Use “Alright, so we agree that there’s more shit goin’ on than meets the eye on this plane of existence,” Tim said before he took another drag of the joint and passed it over to Declan. The two friends sprawled comfortably on the floor of the old farmhouse shack they’d laid claim ...
  • river and trees

    Sayrin dashed over the worn dirt paths faster than Hana expected. Hana followed, her arm aching by how hard Sayrin gripped it. Every few minutes another horn sounded, wailing through the trees. “These paths aren’t used very often,” huffed Sayrin, “I know them in and out. As long as we can keep them off our ...
  • 388

    Turkeytown, a small turkey community in California, was home to several thousand toms, hens, jakes, and jennies. These weren’t just any turkeys. Rather, they were talking turkeys, communicating like humans. Although, it wasn’t acceptable to reference them as being human-like since Turkeytown turkeys feared humans. Such comparisons weren’t well-received. The rafter of turkeys all lived in perfect harmony. Well, ...
  • yellow and white snake

    I used my fangs, success! I could feel the leathery shell ripping. Beams of warm yellow light peaked through cracks in the shell that had been my warm, cozy home.  I made my way out of the opening that I had carved out of the shell.  The light hurt my eyes. I heard a noise. ...