• An old abandoned farmhouse in the woods

    The Old Woman ran her fingertips over the dead leaves, then clenched her hand into a fist, and clawed at the drooped plants. Water dripped out of the hose on the dry ground beside her. A strong breeze rustled from beyond the garden fence. They stood in the distance. Without her glasses, they were blurry ...
  • scene of ocean sunset and tree in mirror reflection

    Pangea gripped the cold metal of the polished mirror and slumped in her green chair. Tears tumbled down her face. Her eyes were the color of storm-tossed seas because of the images that flashed across the cold, clear glass every time she looked at it. The pollution of a packaged society sickened her. Pangea’s veins ...
  • table with plates of food

    I enter the restaurant and admire the fish tank in the front foyer. The colorful koi dance in the water and I watch them as I wait for the waitress to seat me.  “This way, please.”  She leads me to a spot in a corner hidden from the view of the other patrons. “Thank you,” ...
  • girl in black and white vintage dress walking in autum forest looking over shoulder.

    The Resonance of Dimensions Bess wakes up later than usual. With a ringing in her ears and fighting nausea, she winces and rolls away from the bright light streaming from the edges of the window covering. Pain pulses through her mind. Her limbs are heavy. She pulls herself to a sitting position, trying to recollect ...
  • medieval street in another life

    Maybe in Another Life East Street, the main road through the village, was all but empty. Residents had disappeared indoors for lunch or sought shelter before the dark clouds broke with heavy spring rain. In the silence, gritty shoes on cobblestones hurried by. Inside number 25, two women cowered in a darkened room. Ermentrude shook ...
  • Digital art of a cloaked figure walking through the forest. Artwork was drawn by the author.

    Roslynd Brenner meets a mysterious, cloaked figure who changes her life and her impoverished town. Her journey if full of adventure, mystery, and greed. Will she make the right choices, or will she fall prey to her new found abilities?
  • Man standing near water and bench

    "Roger!" The Man called. "Roger! Heel. Heel!" It was futile. Roger, filled with excitement to the point where he couldn't help but run, embraced the freedom of the wide-open shoreline while the gusting wind threw the man's voice away. The Man was too enfeebled to run after the dog.
  • Halloween Picture

    The knocking at the front door cut my amusement short, and I’m a little apprehensive. My guard is up as I think of how the house can get its revenge for my taunt.  It surprised me when I opened the door and saw it was my mother. Thoughts swirl through my mind, but the main ...
  • Bon fire

    Jared and Jenny’s parents died in a freak car accident when they were ten. The twins moved in with their mother’s identical twin sister, Tabitha. Their aunt’s house was an old Victorian set in Savannah’s historic district. It was four stories tall, with corner windows that faced east, west, north, and south. In each window, ...
  • Various pills

    Eddie had been planning his departure for ages. The incessant bickering which described his married existence drove him to drink. His spouse, Rita, a beauty in her day, changed once she had her claws on his back. She seldom bathed, let alone shaved her hairy legs. Her appetite never ceased, allowing her to blow up ...