• Blonde lady at bar

    Trigger Warning: Stalker “Hi, Veronica,” the bartender said as I sat down on the old rickety stool  I had become fond of over the last year, grad school was taking its toll on me.  After being turned down for several jobs, I found myself taking comfort in my good old friend, Jack Daniels. “The usual?” ...
  • 1976

    Raindrops fell from the sky, blowing sideways from gusts of wind. Felix took cover under a large oak tree and glanced at his watch: 4:20 a.m. An evil smirk spread across his face. He slipped the black hood over his head and walked through the rainy darkness toward Mara’s car. She never locked her Land ...
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    A cold gust of wintry wind hit my face. The snow had not yet begun to fall. Autumn leaves crackled under my feet giving the illusion that ice was shattering. I bundled myself up tucking my hands in the pockets of my trench coat. I was cursing every higher power in the universe, “Why the ...