• Rhode Island's Vampire

    This week’s cryptid comes from the tiny state of Rhode Island. Well, it was supposed to be a cryptid. However, during my research, I came across a fascinating story.  New England got battered in the 1800s by Tuberculosis. Although, the New Englanders called it consumption. The deadly disease ate the life force of its victims. ...
  • pterodactyl

    I love researching cryptids because the history of these monsters is interesting. Some of the fascinating cryptid stories are from Native American myths and legends. Examples are the Arizona Skinwalker, a Navajo Shaman who murders a close relative to gain shifting powers, or the Algonquian Wendigo, an evil spirit that possesses its victims and turns ...
  • Large Panther and human

    This week is about a Missouri cryptid, and while I was doing research, I found not one but two cryptids. Both of them sound fascinating and unique. Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay  Everyone has heard of Bigfoot or Bigfoot-like creatures reported in almost every state. So, what is special about this Bigfoot creature? Momo doesn’t fit the ...