• Adults watching TV

    As a 30-year-old grown woman. I’m addicted to all things, Disney. Recently, I have fallen in love with the cartoon Bluey. My three-year-old niece got me hooked on the show. Bluey is about a family of Heeler dogs. The dogs live with their human viewers and have normal days. The family lives an everyday suburban ...
  • comic book show

    Has the pandemic craziness made you stay in front of the TV screen more than ever before? I have watched shows endlessly, whether it’s just regular cable TV or a streaming station like Netflix. It has made me wonder about certain things, like if I would enjoy living a life like one of my favorite ...
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    From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest, New Zealand filmmaker and journalist David Farrier (‘Tickled’) visits unusual — and often macabre — tourism spots around the world. Human beings are drawn to things that frighten us and make us sick to our stomachs. It’s why you slow down to see an accident or a disaster. ...