• swing

    If you are in the mood to see something creepy one night, drive-by Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama. It is one of the most haunted cemeteries; well, the playground next to it is. Witnesses have reported seeing swings moving by themselves. Passerby’s had heard the laughter of children when there were no children. Visitors ...
  • Old Tombstone

    Read more on my author page. Bronwyn looked over at the headstone, the sadness overwhelming her expression. “I don’t know why he won’t come out. Everyone here comes up, but David won’t.” Cassie felt sad for her. She could tell how much she missed David. The little girl couldn’t imagine what it would be like ...
  • In Loving Memory Grave

    Read more on my author page. Cassie played in the backyard, enjoying the sunshine but never forgetting about her plan to visit the cemetery. She worried the brightness of the day would make the Lady too shy to come out, but she had to take that chance. Her father was working, and her mom was ...
  • Dishes

    The man in the big hat walked carefully to the Lady in Purple. He knew to be calm when he approached her. Her mind was still so fragile after all these years, and when she was at the headstone and her tears were flowing, it was even worse. He glanced up at Cassie’s window to ...
  • old cemetery

    Cassie lifted herself onto her tiptoes and peeked out her bedroom window. Just two stories below and over a six-foot wooden fence sat the old cemetery. Headstones scattered the overgrown grass, some covered in moss, others broken and toppled over. Cassie scanned the graveyard, searching for the Lady in Purple. Because it was cloudy, the ...
  • 1448

    “Lily, slow down!” Lily didn’t want to wait for Mommy. After three days of rain, Mommy finally said it was time visit Daddy. So, Lily kept running, she knew the way. She stopped mid-run, spread her arms wide, and looked up toward the bright blue sky, squinting from the sun that was no longer blocked ...