• Guardian angel

    I’m swept awayIn the swelteringStorm, you pulledMe into. I became yourLoyal companionSunlit days,Midnight hours. All it tookWas one glanceToward my path,My fate was sealed. Are you a hero?Are you a villain?I cannot discernOne from the other. To ask me thatWould compareTo ask God aboutHeaven and hell. Why is thereGood and evil?Is our days pureHappenstance? I ...
  • water dripping into a pool

    Void – to be withoutThe lack thereofNot validNothing of value Constant reminders thatYour hair should be bone straightVoid of its waves, kinks and curls You are fooled into thinkingThat your body should be leanWith your collar bones protruding That your curves are too lewd, nasty or sexyYour breasts are taunting, tantalizingly or crudeYour lips too ...
  • 1034

    .Desire ..Passion …Heat Ignited! Rush to burn With erotic sweetness Sweeping like a blanket Covered …Fire ..Need .Want Flaired! Streaming color wheel With overpowering force Trailing like wanderlust Moved .Darkness ..Silence …Nothing Hopeless! Cloaked shadows With collective reason Clinging like vines Trapped …Screams ..Muffled .Lost Struggled! Mixed reality With never ending chains Forever like time ...
  • 1314

    The woman you seek Shall be yours In this game You insist on playing   She will lay by Your side With a bitterness In her mouth You cannot tame   Hatred will grow By the sound Of your name For you will betray her And cause her shame   Your eyes look Upon her ...
  • 1816

    Soft raindrops saturated the white tee shirt as I loosen quietly on the wooden deck   Nipples taut from the chilly pecks placed upon them as each droplet softly fondles   Rapt eyes surveilling behind darken glass passion stirring in your breaths   Drenched outside clandestine inside never shall the two collide   As the ...