• 1552

    Content Warning- Domestic Violence It took me 10 years to fully get over you. Every blood-curdling scream from my throat over 3 years was a testament to the manipulation that you had subdued me to. It was 3 years of walking on eggshells and uneasiness and a semi-permanent lump in my throat and knot in ...
  • lava, crack, volcano

    The world was shrouded darkness, save for a single fire that continued to burn and crackle even as the man fell asleep next to it. The man was alone, except for his dreams. Along the many alleys and crowded streets of his mind, there were people laughing, crying, and living. When he awoke, that lively ...
  • Life Balance

    The pendulum swings- delicate life. When goodness usurps, both blades of the knife. Nostalgia-when happiness, seeming so clear yet, soon the non wounded slashes appear. While riding crescendo, baritone lie in wait. Upon its arrival, the Earth trembles great. Terrible fortune, only could be yet, hours before, the world at your knees. How does one ...
  • 1055

    As the sun began to bleed  At dusk and the birds Gathered for the evening chorus, I began to wonder if this was A dream.   Your hands were so small, Your eyes never got to see  Pinks and reds of dawn,  Let alone this sunset, or a Full moon.   I had waited so ...