• blooming blue poppy flower against a blurred background

    Sometimes we forget to lookfor everyday beauty. The first sip of coffee in the morning.The smell of freshly baked bread. Some things we take for grantedlike the first bloom in springor the joy of a home cooked mealthe love from a pet. If we could take a momentand focuswe might be able to understandthese everyday ...
  • field of flowers

    May always signal the start of summer as the flowers rise and bloom,yet the heat slowly rises into the sky. Fresh smells bless the air,longer days and shorter nights approach,ordinary days are the craving we desirewhispers of the summer sun envelop the world around us rain stutters away because              ...
  • lotus bloom

    there is a crispness in the airfresh morning dew on the grassa scent of something warmer to comeand the scant songs of birds the sure signal that spring is on the horizonand the endless days of cold gonefresh spring blooms will soon scent the airas flowers emerge triumphant you are the butterfly emerging from the ...
  • Transformation, butterflies, woman

    Ruth stood in the middle of a botanical garden surrounded by eight-foot-high walls of stone. A prism of stunning colors created by ultraviolet and polarized light probed her eye’s ommatidia. Hues of unimaginable beauty ignited her sense of taste. Why—how could sight affect her palate? Something moved or landed on her back. Turning, Ruth realized ...