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    This article is designed to help students create PowerPoint presentations that are sure to impress! Choosing a Perfect Template  Looking through the catalog of PowerPoint sample templates can be a little overwhelming. All of these are meant to be used in presentations. Some backgrounds, however, have more marketing appeal than others. The “Facet” template is ...
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    The temp or temporary position I entered into for twelve weeks this past summer, has recently ended. What began as an immediate fix to an unexpected loss of income, turned out to be an amazing personal and occupational experience. In June, my family’s world changed suddenly, fear and chaos ensued. Panic and loss of sleep ...
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    Family meals are an excellent way for parents to connect with children. There are several studies that show many benefits of eating with your children even if it is only a couple times a week. These meals not only benefit the children but help parents. If you want to reduce family tension and lower stress ...