• Image of an overgrown, wooded footpath

    The stairs to the attic groaned when she pulled the cord. As her head reached the landing to the room, a stifling heat engulfed her. Years of enclosure carried the scent of sealed storage bins and musty cardboard. A city of boxes surrounding her begged for attention. From their openings, clothes in saturated colors protruded, ...
  • An open country road under a blue sky with a gray gravel road in the middle of the image

    We often ride nowhere. The car traverses the city blocks to the highway of vehicles moving through the town in all directions. You maneuver us to the highway until the city is behind us, along with our jobs and tiny apartment. We head north, passing shopping centers and super-sized outlet malls under the rolling hills ...
  • A black and white photograph of a budding bush

    An insatiable hunger awoke and gnawed at him. With a heavy arm, he reached for the greasy glass by the bed and knocked off a photograph of them together. The tumbler offered only a spit’s worth of warm water. His constricted throat prevented much more, and he dropped the cup. The craving pulled him inward ...
  • girl, woman, city, fiction, Sci-Fi

    This is not my city—it isn’t my world. I can’t remember how long it’s been since my first assignment. Fugitives are my business, and I’m very good at hunting them. I never fail a mission. Unfortunately, my latest conquest took me here to a world of excess and instant gratification. This world is the perfect ...
  • bear, roof, windows, moon, boy

    Sammie stared out the window—he sat as still as a statue. Thoughts of the dark wall creatures oozing out of the cracks were unbearable. The rocking horse glared at him, and the teddy bear waited to crawl toward him. Toys that once gave him joy and happiness threatened to destroy him if he didn’t allow ...