• Laboratory

    It’s hard to fathom that the third leading cause of death in America before Covid came on the scene was medical errors or misdiagnosis of conditions. Not that anything has changed because of Covid, it only knocked it to the fourth leading cause of death.  My own experience of misdiagnosis with breast cancer for fifteen months caused ...
  • Elderly woman holding a picture of her younger self

    Most of us will agree we don’t want to grow old. Of course, we never think that when we are young.  Growing up, I wasted my years away, always wishing to be older.  First, it was, I can’t wait to be ten. Ten was a double-digit. Then it was, I can’t wait until I’m sixteen. ...
  • Dreaded Pink

    October is a month designated as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month.’ Soon, we’ll start seeing pink everywhere. But it wasn’t always like this. The chances of contracting breast cancer were one in sixty women back in the 1960s. Today, it’s a whole different story. Today, the statistics are one in eight will be diagnosed in their ...