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     The uncontrollable Digital World  Is stuck in an unstoppable whirl  Untouchable like a hot and crazy lava flow  Madder than a mist and snow in the Congo  We do not physically experience the wireless connection Our world’s computer reliance is a mental autoinfection Desperately requiring a House of Correction  Before we crash into the horizon’s unmanned intersection 
  • Digital Marketing Trends 2018

    As 2018 moves past its middle point and dutifully heads toward 2019, we take a look at the latest digital marketing trends. At first glance, today’s digital marketing trends appear to be more of the same. However, each year brings additional improvements and new ways to better reach your audience. 1. Mobil-pocalypse Waiting in line, ...
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    A-commerce is not new. In fact, you’ve undoubtedly experienced it a few times with self-checkouts in retail outlets or when suggestions are made based on what you view while shopping online. A-commerce, or Automated Commerce, refers to the automation–and often–customization of a consumer’s retail experience through the use of devices, big data, algorithms, deep learning, ...
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    Recently, I walked into a debate with some friends of mine about if the internet is good for everyone and if the negatives outweigh the positives. I’ve had a similar discussion years before the internet, though at the time the topic was fast food. My views on both are the same: all things in moderation. You aren’t ...