• It's a drawing of a family and their children playing

    Have you ever thought about the adult the younger version of yourself imagined you would be? I thought I would live in a London flat with my husband and at least a few children. My life isn’t anything similar to what I thought when I was little. Honestly, I was sad about that for a ...
  • Moon peaking among branches

    I meditate Letting go of aspirations, Letting in what is Under self-restricting views, Monitoring News. I’m slowly dissolving. Not quitting, not doubting, Attention to breathing Towards Present. In and out, in and out, On the way to Liberation. Neither this nor that – with you.   Love what is, Immediate and fulfilling, But never take ...
  • Heart drawn in sand

    I see myself in you,but I’m not you. You’re magic,Awesome,Fragile,like me,but you’re not me. You’re indestructible. I’m indestructiblein a different way,because we’re unique. I see myself in you,becausewe’re both human,but our sensations,motionsand choicesdiffer. Instead ofjudgingand trying tomodifyyou,I’ll study your actionslike a stunning enigma,and see your beauty. I’m blessedto bewith you.
  • Fantasy

    New Year’s Resolutions New Year’s Resolutions are more like goals for me. I start them and keep up with them. The difference for me is if I forget to do it every day, I will keep continuing with my goal. An example is that I set a goal to write 500 words a day of ...
  • Writing, group meeting

    Recommit Yourself We are two weeks into November. I’m supposed to have over 25,000 words. My document has a pitiful 200. Most people would give up. The average word count to win would be 5,000 words or more daily. My best day is 2,000. The next step for me is to recommit to my story. ...
  • Chameleon

    The Chameleon says to her Mom, “I want to be many creatures and do many things, all at once.” Mom tells her she cannot be any more than one creature at a time, and cannot do more than one thing at a time. She has to pick one. But Chameleon can’t. Her mind travels fast ...
  • Dog covering face

    Everyone has a week where things didn’t exactly go as planned. This can be extremely frustrating for any number of reasons. Last week, I planned to finish a book that I was given to beta read, and I couldn’t touch it at all because I was so tired. This week I’m making good progress, and ...
  • Monarch Butterfly Draws Nectar

    We were young, still in our cocoons when we first met. Flora morphed into a beautiful butterfly, sooner than me. Her wings—the colors of fire, lit the sky. Her flutter stirred many, to reach and pocket her. But free minded, she held her own, unwilling to be caught.   With a grand vision to travel ...
  • Sunrise

    Upside Down Hanging around upside down Gives you a top view of the ground Reverses the annoying busy sounds Lets us think of life’s endless bounds Day And Night There’s dark, then light Like there’s day and night Sunrise and sunset Like there’s life and regrets Life ebbs and flows Life comes and goes There’s ...
  • a sunset beach

    Powdery white sand shimmers its quartz in sunlight stars twinkle on ground   Singing cardinal joins the drumming woodpecker branches take a bow   Fluttering pupa amidst the dense, tall sand dunes dotted flowers bloom   Sliding waves ashore bring seaweeds, grasses, and more crabs party with bugs   Diving pelican grabs grub by its ...