• Rose petals withered

    Her silver permed curls moved across her wrinkled face in the afternoon breeze. Rosie’s life, filled with pain and longing, flooded her mind as she watched the afternoon sun fall from the sky. She enjoyed sunsets. It was the memories of her past that were unpleasant. Why couldn’t she remember what she ate for breakfast ...
  • Poison

    Desire and indignation resonated through Mr. Irwin when Sally stopped to look at the teapot. He glanced away and focused on restocking shelves. The demonic raucousness of his inner voice made him cringe. “Feed your darkest desires!”  The voice demanded. “No! I won’t give in. She is too innocent,” Mr. Irwin argued. “Morgan was too…” the voice snickered. ...
  • 408

    I feel the thunder rumbling once more, as I feel the lightning flowing through my veins, my soul awakening once more. I’m always told to fear the storm, but I don’t, for I know I am the storm. Yet evil assumes it is safe to show itself freely, thinking its past deeds long forgotten, that ...
  • 891

    Mourn, Grieve, Exhaustion BREATHE Protest, Stand Up, Speak Out BREATHE Silenced, Beaten, Killed We Will Breathe Weep, Yell, Curse BREATHE Over-taxed, Over-looked, Over-worked JUST BREATHE Underestimated, Unseen, Unwanted BREATHE Challenged, Choke, Confined TODAY WE BREATHE!!!
  • Man with hood over head

    The wind moaned in the night. The moon’s light glared through the leafless branches scraping against Liam’s bedroom window. In the dim-lit room, a group of high schoolers chanted his name, urging him to enter the darkness of his closet.   James’ firm hand gripped Liam’s boney shoulder. The seventeen-year-old boy leaned in and whispered ...
  • A poem about superstition

    The overabundance strained what protection afforded, as the violets bleed, the angels sing.   Evil a matter of faith, it is all in your head, seeking protection… the superstition has won.   So watch the violets bleed and pay no heed, to your own actions nor personal responsibility.
  • Moon

    Eternal life. The term eternal connotes a hereafter existence that never ends. People believe life stops when we die. Many people believe life begins when we die. Some believe death begins at birth, and then there are people who believe life begins at birth. Regardless of which perspective you believe, the commonality is life and death. ...
  • clouds-dawn-dramatc

    Edel stood on a black sand beach, turbulent waves licking at the bottom of this long red robe. The sky above him was a chaotic mess of blacken clouds and a crimson horizon. A storm was coming, one that would change the world of Exangs forever. The storm was a manufactured cloud of pure magic ...
  • Monster Red Eyes Aggressive Fangs Tooth Evil

    Josephine Blaise picks up a black eyeliner from her makeup counter. I need to make these eyebrows darker. And now, for the eyes. She thought while moving the brush down to her lashes. I need smokier gray eyeshadow. “Looking good,” Josephine says leaning back to study both eyes. Blood red lipstick will look great. Josephine scratches ...