• House, spooky, mysterious, dark forest

    Some afflictions would be better not to exist. In the case of interplanetary parasites, many people show signs of futuristic visions. This “so-called” affliction is cause for concern to all governments of planet Earth. Those who are infected with a parasite don’t have many options. The only viable course of action to eliminate them is ...
  • nerves, system

    “Will it hurt?”    The question posed was not an uncommon one for the surgeon. But as he looked into the boy’s bright blue eyes, eyes on the verge of tears, eyes that could not disguise the horror that he felt, a catch formed in the surgeon’s throat, and he had to look away as ...
  • Here There Be D. R. A. G. N. S.

    “Well, obviously it caught me, or I wouldn’t be here.” My niece stared at me in awe. “How?” Her little five-year-old self was settled amongst a nest of neon and princess wrapping paper, the remnants of her Christmas present massacre. It was the first time I’d been able to be home for Christmas in four ...