• Other mother

    Are you my other mother?Among the manyHeavensent for fatherTo feel whole again? The fire rages onIn his soul,In spite of hisLonely heart. I am my father’sDaughter, aSpitting imageWithin his pride. Born small and meek,Now strong and brave,Among the savannahPlains of the wild. A concrete jungle,Caged soulsFollowing myFather’s footsteps. A lone lionDesiring love,In a game whereWinner ...
  • police officers next to patrol car

    When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you achieve it? As a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals. Unfortunately, I saw how much math and chemistry it would require. I saw how long school would take and how competitive it is. ...
  • Puppy

    Getting older brings out different emotions for everyone. Some reflect on things they haven’t accomplished yet. But as another birthday approaches, I am looking at all the things that I have accomplished. If I had to face my eighteen-year-old self, she would not believe the things that I’m doing. And I’m not talking about the ...
  • bakery shop

    Read past chapters here Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn will always hold fond memories for Ramon. His parents immigrated from Puerto Rico looking for streets paved with gold. His dad told the story so well.  “Son, be careful when you pray to God.” The senior Rodriquez would tell him as he leaned into ...
  • swimming pool

    I pushed back from the wall and felt my legs become buoyant as I leaned back. I kept my breathing slow and steady, focusing on the sound of the air moving through my lungs as the water covered my ears and muted the shouts of my friends. After a moment, I closed my eyes. I ...
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    I was pretty baffled at what happened to me the other morning, outside of my house on Brookside Drive… My boyfriend and I had the hoods of our cars up in preparation to check their oil and add windshield washer fluid. I thought this was very normal. I told my boyfriend to hold the washer ...
  • 1082

    My father had the great luck, or amazing foresight, to have “I love you” be last words he said to his children. I remember sitting on the floor, on my mother’s favorite blanket, sewn by her grandmother. The sun didn’t quite breach the gray cloud cover outside our screen door. There was a movie, The ...
  • 8443

    Dear Ava, I want you to be sensitive but strong. I hope you have a sense of self and find happiness in the simple things. A beautiful flower, the glow of the moon, or time spent with family. I hope you have sense of humor that will allow you to laugh at yourself despite your ...
  • unsplash.com

    Have you ever woken up one day and feel like you’re living a day in someone else’s life? When you put on clothes, does it feel like you’re playing dress up in someone else’s closet? This morning my dog woke me up by whimpering and pawing at my door. When I answered, she wagged her ...
  • 1116

    Birthdays Are Becoming Just Another Day Two weeks ago, I turned 24-years-old. On the days approaching my birthday, I was ecstatic. “Hell yeah, I’m going to be 24!” I thought of past birthdays and reminisced on the past year of being 23. I even woke up that morning to “On This Day” notifications from Facebook, ...