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    Mark Twain once asked who had the sympathy to pray for the devil, but I find it hard to pray for someone that routinely hides my mustard at three a.m.  It’s always a jarring shift, leaving the bar after closing and tapping up the stairs to my loft apartment. The music is no more, and ...
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    To the hotel cleaner, I had gotten tired of staring at this blank screen. I’d started seeing little colorful squiggles under my eyes. I’ve got to stop rubbing my eyes. My eyes are burning now. I would sell my soul to write something steller. As a kid, I dreamed of writing a bestseller, but I’m ...
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    The moon gazed across the horizon, watching them with its lone eye. Stars glittered the night sky, their light falling to the ocean as small waves rolled toward the beach. A sound like thunderous applause erupted when the water clashed with the sand, appreciative of the moment, ill-content with the silence between a boy and ...