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    A gust of wind blows dead leaves across the pavement, their crisp rattle drifting in the open air. The dark, moonless sky provides no light, and clouds cover the twinkling of stars. A blue Toyota Corolla parks in the otherwise deserted lot, the engine ticking as it cools from the long drive. “Are you sure ...
  • werewolf

    If you love cryptids and like to read about them, then you have heard of The Beast Of Bray Road. The first sighting of this strange beastie was on Bray Road, Wisconsin – hence the name. Bray Road is a beautiful country road near the community of Elkhorn. The year is 1949, and witnesses describe the creature ...
  • DoverDemon

    Massachusetts has a history of cryptids running loose in the wooded forests. The most exciting fact is that witnesses reported seeing a couple of these critters for only a short time. Vast dense forests is a trademark of Massachusetts, and Bigfoot loves to hide in them. It’s not unusual for Bigfoot sightings, but there was ...
  • Illinois Werewolf

    I love anything paranormal, and I loved Paranormal Caught On Camera. This episode was about Shapeshifters. The couple in question saw a wolf standing on two feet. It was hiding in the marshes and didn’t flinch when the witness fired at it. The incident scared the couple, and they canceled their camping trip.  When searching Illinois cryptids ...
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    To the hotel cleaner, I had gotten tired of staring at this blank screen. I’d started seeing little colorful squiggles under my eyes. I’ve got to stop rubbing my eyes. My eyes are burning now. I would sell my soul to write something steller. As a kid, I dreamed of writing a bestseller, but I’m ...
  • Red Fire Digital

    The late evening sky was clear as Emma sat at the far end of the New York City subway car. There was no one else in this dingy segment with her; she tried to avoid dozing off and missing her stop. The train conductor’s muffled voice announced the next stop. “THIS IS WEST 153RD STREET, ...
  • expression

    I love horror movies. Not the gore and slasher type movies that seem to be popular today. Genuine scary movies like the original Halloween and the remake Halloween.  The horror movie The Hills Have Eyes reminds me of this week’s cryptid article. The movie’s plot is mutant creatures created from nuclear testing. My essay is about Connecticut’s Melon Heads. The ...
  • Halloween

    The following is a collection of "Bite-Sized" scary stories. A perfect treat for Halloween.
  • person screaming

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4   Chapter 5 She hurriedly grabbed her keys as she ran out of her apartment door. Her high heels clicked the pavement as she omitted to use refrained from using the elevator and ran down the narrow steps from her apartment. She’d overslept yet again due to ...
  • cracking heart

    *Legend says that the pounding of one’s heart is the echo of a ghost trying to break its way out. They always make it through eventually. The question is when will it happen to you?*   Thump-thump thump-thump My heart races as I turn the corner of the dark street. I place a hand on ...