• Going Down

    I’m in my cups.I got the sauce.The bottle is empty.Go for anotherI’m in my bag.That rotten hag.This week has been,an eternal sin.Even stillI try to grin.Bear it all.Nah, Fuck it all!Can’t do that.Where is it at?Focusnot hocus pocus.I’m in my cups.I’m in my bag.But I will removethis old rag.Start anewfresh for you.A new day.A new ...
  • self care in scrabble tiles

    We hear the phrase “self-care” a lot lately. There are hundreds of blogs and articles out there listing acts of self-care, but this is not one of them. Instead, let’s talk about why you should make self-care a priority.  When I’m in a seminar and the presenter asks us to list the things in our ...
  • colors

    Nothing feels more like a roller coaster than facing adulthood with the limitations of being disabled. I have been so stressed about every single thing lately. Small tasks always end up being bigger tasks. I never have enough money. I have to rely on others for most things. I honestly don’t feel useful in the ...
  • 1117

    By the time you are an adult, you should have a list of healthy go-to ways to cope with whatever life throws at you. There will be times when one thing on the list works better than the others, or even when you have to try a different coping mechanism because the first one didn’t ...