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    It’s so hard to move past the deep exhaustion that this world makes you feel   The constant and ongoing race to make everyone feel addressed and cared about   When you feel forgotten worn out and empty   Everyone is stressed and everyone needs help if only they could see how much help you ...
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    A country built on fears made of multiple tiers causing mothers to shed tears because others cannot contain their scares   We cannot ‘run’ free that’s now news to me for when they see me in the land of the free they somehow still see – property   I step out of line wrong place ...
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    Meet Andrei here. Read about his first day | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Date Gone Wrong| Car Ride Home The Volvo parked on the driveway, its bright neon lights turning off at the same time as the engine. Andrei got out of the driver’s seat, hair disheveled from raking his scalp during his drive home. He locked his car ...
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    In March 2013, I decided to hike the Appalachian Trail alone. I hiked North-Bound. My hike started on Springer Mountain, Georgia, and ended on Mount Katahdin, Maine. I began on March 26th and ended on September 30th. There are many stories from my 6–month long trip. This is about after my trip was over. Read ...
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    Falling asleep Can’t croak out a note Falling asleep Looking like a dope Falling asleep Drool peering over my lips Falling asleep Head crooked to the side Falling asleep Choking out snores Falling asleep Even while outdoors Falling asleep Sure feels good Falling asleep No sound not a peep Falling asleep Slumber rest Falling asleep ...
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    We all love a good nap but there are a lot of questions on whether a nap harms you more then it helps you. There have been several studies done to find the answer to this question. These studies have covered the length of a nap, the time of day you nap, what the side ...
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    For one day, I would love to fall apart. To lock myself in my room, turn the lights down low, and let myself fall apart. To have a pity party of the utmost ridiculous, and to have a full on cry fest. And not the pretty cry you see on TV. Oh no. I’m talking ...