• Statute of Liberty

    September 11, 2001, is a day Americans will never forget. Over three thousand people were murdered that day in New York City—a tragedy unlike any other we have ever witnessed. While the world mourned, some hid their wicked killings under the mask of the tower attack. Dr. Sneha Philip Dr. Sneha Philip, an emergency room ...
  • bloody knife

    In the early morning of Friday, September 4, 1964, in Great Falls, Montana, James and Lois Arrotta tragically lost their lives, leaving seven children, ages six months to twelve years, orphaned. James Arrotta was the general manager of the Super Save grocery store in town, while Lois was a housewife, who took care of her ...
  • Playing Piano

    Greta had been giving piano lessons out of her home for 25 years. She had seen it all. Kids who were being forced by their parents to learn the instrument. Adults with rock-star dreams who were told learning piano would help them better understand music and thrash harder on their guitars. Middle-aged people who always ...
  • 1004

    Part Six As soon as Stuart walks in the front door, he heads straight into the kitchen to pour himself a glass of ginger ale. His stomach makes all kinds of noises and full to the rim. He slowly strolls upstairs, and on the way to his bedroom, he knocks on his mother’s door to ...
  • Suitcase

    Part Five Stuart grabs his navy blue suitcase out of the hallway closet and places it on his bed. He slowly walks to his dresser as he mumbles under his breath what he should pack. Three pairs of boxers, socks, and tank-tops go on the left side of his suitcase. I wonder what the weather ...
  • Computer

    Part Four He presses the unlock button on the car key and hops in. Then, he places his cell phone in the place holder on the dashboard and dials his friend, Harry’s phone number. “Hey Harry, are you at the precinct?” “No, not yet. I am at Tim Horton’s. Why—is something up?” “Yea. I need ...
  • Moon in the sky

    ***TRIGGER WARNING*** The following deals with a True Crime murder Bailey, Colorado – Park County December 1, 2017 Seventeen-year-old Maggie Long, excited to be a part of the first concert at Platte Canyon High School, had forgotten something at home. After school, she drove the 20 minutes to her family’s ranch to retrieve it. When ...
  • podcast true crime

    True crime documentaries are more popular than ever. Netflix reigns supreme with dozens of true crime documentaries and shows. Fellow true crime enthusiasts binge watch hours of shows like “The Staircase” and “Making a Murderer.” However, if you’ve barreled through all of the shows and need something new to sink your teeth in, true crime ...