• Say, I Will Do It!

    Bold faith-speech affects problematic circumstances and situations in unexpected ways. If your faith is the size of a mustard seed, believe God. Command positive results in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Negative circumstances and situations working against you must move aside and give way to your victory! Romans 12:3 tells us, “God hath dealt ...
  • Moon

    Eternal life. The term eternal connotes a hereafter existence that never ends. People believe life stops when we die. Many people believe life begins when we die. Some believe death begins at birth, and then there are people who believe life begins at birth. Regardless of which perspective you believe, the commonality is life and death. ...
  • 927

    A video recently surfaced online of high school students mocking a native elder outside the Lincoln Memorial. Rightfully, there was outrage. There was a cry for respect of veterans, as the elder is a Vietnam Veteran. There were demands the students make apologies. There were angry calls for the students and parents to be educated. But ...