• Leaders carved in legacy

    If they could see us now,What would they think? What would they comprehend?With poor souls like us A melting pot of a nationWith towers sky-high. A nation built on values,Integrity and courage. A nation prosperous and blessed,But poor in spirit. Searching for purpose,Alive and strong. Imperfect and pitiful,With a checkered past. Bound with earnest desire,To ...
  • United states flag

    Everywhere I go,I see destruction. Right or left,Up or down. Righteous or wicked,Free or enslaved. “None of it matters,You don’t matter” Is their motto,In our paradise. Double standard,Is their logic. In our country,Hateful and Jaded. Brainwashed,Deluded. Hypocritical,Prideful. “Surely not,My good sir!” You protest,In defense. Wake up!Wake up! For hate and evil,Exists in all men. Stereotypes ...
  • Picture of T-shirt, always be a SC Girl

    Every state has a distinct personality and culture. It’s smart to marry someone who complements our personality. It may be wise to choose where we live in the same way.
  • https://www.flickr.com/photos/saechang/4409314310/

    Hello Fellow Americans, We’re a nation that loves our professional sports, aren’t we? From baseball to basketball to football to hockey and beyond, we just can’t get enough. We’re crazy for sports! It’s not just us, though – trust me. Ever wonder which professional athletes are among the most celebrated across the pond? In China, ...
  • 1915

    As we all know, American culture has its lucky numbers; Chinese culture does, too. And, in case you’re wondering, no, they are NOT the same numbers. As an American college student, I studied abroad in China last summer. My very first trip overseas brought me to two new cities in a whole new country. The ...