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    Have you ever watched a show like Criminal Minds and found yourself wondering what they meant when they referred to a serial killer as organized or disorganized? Have you ever wondered how the profile of the murderers are formed?   Weird as it may sound, serial killers are my passion. Older followers of my articles ...
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    According to a report released by the National Institute of Justice, 5,000 surveys were mailed to police and sheriff’s departments to determine organizational characteristics associated with cold case solvability. Of those 5,000 surveys, 1,051 were completed, giving them a response rate of about 20%. Based on those responses they were able to produce findings on ...
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    Most of us are familiar with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Many of us relate it to our veterans after a war, but what is not as widely known is that there is another PTSD, non-combat PTSD. Non-combat PTSD happens when someone experiences some type of trauma. “A trauma is a shocking and dangerous event that ...