• Hand holding remote pointing at TV

    “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” The Oracle (Matrix Revolutions) Knowing everything has an ending helps prepare you for shows like NCIS: Los Angeles finale. What it doesn’t prepare you for is the emotional overload. When a TV series ends, it isn’t the same as life, but it brings many emotions; the same ...
  • An ADHD writer's brain at work.

    I’ve been asked various versions of the title of my story before, but as soon as it popped into my brain, I knew it was my first mistake. A mistake because it implies it isn’t hard for someone with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) to write. My second mistake was assuming the average person would ...
  • Plantation home with long driveway

    As I sat in dead Aunt Rosie’s parlor and waited for the coroner to show up, I glanced around the well-lived-in room. My eyes fell upon a sign I’d never seen. ‘In our family, we don’t hide crazy… we give it a cocktail and sit it on the porch.’ I chuckled despite the circumstances. This ...
  • castle landscape

    Forest Tribe Part 1 The handful of elite Drang soldiers fanned out in the forest. They wore lighter armor than usual to avoid clanging armor and eased their leather-clad feet along the ground, looking for previous tracks before moving forward onto the forest floor. After three days of sprinting from the castle, they were all ...
  • Island Castle

    Hikari stares at the castle and its decorations; it shows confidence, despite its messy appearance of mismatching décor and the approach of an angry thunderstorm. She smiles to herself. Mr. Cash always has confidence, even giving it to his home. I want to have that kind of feeling in myself. She heads towards the front ...
  • Puppy

    Getting older brings out different emotions for everyone. Some reflect on things they haven’t accomplished yet. But as another birthday approaches, I am looking at all the things that I have accomplished. If I had to face my eighteen-year-old self, she would not believe the things that I’m doing. And I’m not talking about the ...
  • https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-white-black-and-white-depressed-depression-568025/

    I was pretty baffled at what happened to me the other morning, outside of my house on Brookside Drive… My boyfriend and I had the hoods of our cars up in preparation to check their oil and add windshield washer fluid. I thought this was very normal. I told my boyfriend to hold the washer ...
  • 1472

    Recently, I made a trip back to my hometown on work-related business.  My co-workers who prepped all the mail that I was to deliver, offered suggestions and tips about the delivery route.  In the back of my mind I thought this would be a piece of cake since the area was one that was quite ...
  • 1062

    Birthdays Are Becoming Just Another Day Two weeks ago, I turned 24-years-old. On the days approaching my birthday, I was ecstatic. “Hell yeah, I’m going to be 24!” I thought of past birthdays and reminisced on the past year of being 23. I even woke up that morning to “On This Day” notifications from Facebook, ...