• Old and new Chucky dolls

    A few weeks back, my husband and I had a date night. As a horror fan, the main movie I wanted to see was the reboot of Child’s Play. Boy, were we surprised at what we saw on the silver screen.  Child’s Play (2019) Yes, Chucky is back in action in the 2019 reboot of ...
  • Keywords and searches are smarter

    Google began as a humble research project out of a garage in 1996. Today, that same garage experiment is on a mission to organize the world’s data. By commanding ~70 percent of the search engine market share, Google has managed to collect immense amounts of data. Google is quite hush-hush when it comes to how ...
  • 1458

    A-commerce is not new. In fact, you’ve undoubtedly experienced it a few times with self-checkouts in retail outlets or when suggestions are made based on what you view while shopping online. A-commerce, or Automated Commerce, refers to the automation–and often–customization of a consumer’s retail experience through the use of devices, big data, algorithms, deep learning, ...