• whale in the ocean

    I’m an animal person, so any story involving animals is bound to get at my emotions. Recently, I came across a Facebook post about “the loneliest whale,” which broke my heart. So, of course, I had to research this poor creature. According to the Facebook post, this particular whale calls out at a different frequency ...
  • Freshwater Eels

                            Ebony shadows gather in darkness                                     Most by swimming, some by walking                                     Gulping snakes slippery and soft                                     Wriggling fingers freed from hands                                     Disgustingly mysterious, fascinatingly stomach-churning                                     Creatures seen, but never unseen                                     Brought to light through no fault of their own                                     Squirming their way into our thoughts ...
  • Image of an autumn cornucopia full of fruits and decorated with flowers. Cornucopia is a sweet fantasy poem about an animal Thanksgiving.

      A swirling shell   That holds inside Beauty and bounty Under the guise Of tart apples, sweet corn, Juicy grapes, and zesty squash Waiting for hungry visitors To arrive and nosh Leaves twirl downwards Around the banquet But people don’t come They tend to forget What true beauty and bounty Is needed for life ...
  • Three kittens

    This story is from Day 2 – FlashNaNo challenge. Story prompt: Write a story of a man who has at least three cats. Coffee is the drink of the hour. At least it is for the people at the neighborhood coffee shop called Marty’s Coffee. All day, every day, people filter in and out of ...
  • Picture of Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

    The scorching sunshine was overshadowed by the passing afternoon rain clouds. Now the grass, coated with droplets of water, set the stage for an herbivore banquet. Two male eastern cottontail rabbits dubbed Chestnut and Nutmeg by the residence’s high ruler’s daughter squeezed under the fence, entering the yard. Twitching noses greeted the watered grass while ...
  • 1292

    “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never been owned by a cat.” – Unknown One of my earliest memories is of our dog Smokie. She was a present from my godfather. He raised hunting dogs but said that her nature was too gentle, and he was afraid forcing her to hunt would ...
  • dog

    I dedicate this story to my sweet companion Star, who went to ‘Doggy Heaven’ last week.   It was a rainy Friday night, and Lizzie cuddled up with me to watch the premiere of High School Musical. Although the movie was not as interesting as the Food Channel, I can tell that it was something special to ...
  • 1662

    What better way to commemorate my sweet Pasquale than writing about him for Coffee House Writers! My cat passed away this past week and I am on an emotional roller coaster. I am okay and then I’m not. I loved him, and we cared for him for so long. Is there really a way to ...
  • Dog and woman on a nature path

    “I can’t even look at her.” When I was in graduate school, I had a friend who had just experienced a heartbreaking breakup, and she told me this as she struggled not to cry. These words weren’t spoken about a child, but her dog. I consoled her, reminding her that the dog didn’t know what ...
  • 2400

    For as long as I can remember, I have cared about the environment and all living creatures. I was that child who would see the World Wildlife Fund commercials about the endangered animals and cry. I signed up for my first email account when I was 11-12, and shortly after that I started subscribing to ...