• Baking Bread

    The sugary sweetnessThe bitter yet necessary salt Blending with unique flourIntoxicating yeastFills the air Water combinesMolded by the powerOf unseen handsTo flatten the prideFor true strength to rise Placed in the oven Warmness overflowsPreparing the bodyFor the harshness outsideWith a crusty skinYet holding dearTo the softness withinAs a guideFor its existenceUntil darknessOpens it’s mouthTo finally ...
  • 1837

    It’s that time of year again! Autumn, Halloween, and time to bust out the ingredients to whip up some of my favorite recipes. Pumpkin chocolate chips cookies are pure cakey goodness. The earthy, sweet pumpkin flavor, combined with semi-sweet chocolates make my mouth water as I sink my teeth in for a bite. Pumpkin Chocolate ...