• A black and white image of a boy with shaggy hair and glasses. His eye-brows are arched and he's gazing intently at the camera and half-smiling.

    He’s ten years old so: He knows everything, Aliens are real and Bigfoot is not, But to life outside of video games He applies no hard-won lessons. He hears only half of what is said If he isn’t wearing headphones And stomps everywhere he goes With feet too big for his growing body. His dreams ...
  • A man with dark grey hair and a mustache looks at the camera and

    My daddy was a gardener His basil got taller than me. Everything smelled like pizza as shaggy bunches dried. I grew up on the front porch snapping green beans He carried over in five-gallon buckets. I remember tasting summer all winter long, Little yellow broccoli buds when he gently parted swirls of leaves With the ...
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    Who could have guessed an unexpected encounter at a local bar in a lighthearted discussion about horoscopes would lead to the sudden disappearance of Maureen McKinsey? Maureen was spunky and outspoken. She established friendships with her sharp humor and winning smile. Born February 29, 1992, she chose not to celebrate her birthday on February 28 ...
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    If this doesn’t prove that I am a pushover when it comes to Hannah and CJ, I don’t know what will. All Hannah did was ask if I would write a special article about her for her 17th birthday. Based on this article, I’m sure you can guess who won that conversation. Hannah turned 17 ...
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    Birthdays Are Becoming Just Another Day Two weeks ago, I turned 24-years-old. On the days approaching my birthday, I was ecstatic. “Hell yeah, I’m going to be 24!” I thought of past birthdays and reminisced on the past year of being 23. I even woke up that morning to “On This Day” notifications from Facebook, ...