• Crying woman

    Disclaimer: The following is a personal diary entry from January 2021 Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt as if my recent writing is lacking flavor. Over the last few months, any moments of creativity come in short bursts. I have been dealing with chronic pain and mental illness. I feel useless. Happiness is fleeting ...
  • A woman is laying on her stomach in bed with her chin in her hands.

    White-hot brain fog.Rosy cheeks, watery eyes. Consistent body aches.Clenched jaw, forced smile. NSAIDs, Tylenol, CBD.Scratching, digging, stabbing pain.  Red skin where a heating pad used to be.Chaotic insomnia, beyond tired and fatigued. Never-ending doctor visits.Nothing and no one to blame. Nature is sometimes cruel.Life after endo is just not the same. Judgment coming from internal ...
  • 1357

    Endometriosis is a complicated disease that affects half of women worldwide. Although it is most commonly found in and around the uterus, it can affect the whole body through side effects and spreading. This is a series of snapshots I’ve written over the past couple of weeks to document what it can feel like living ...
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    Two years ago I kept seeing this post on Facebook with a list of things that people should stop telling people with chronic illness to do because it’ll make them better. The list included things like Yoga, exercise, eating better, more sleep, etc. It was basically a list of common things people suggest when a ...
  • Woman in Gray Shirt

    Living with a chronic illness, I must explain to people isn’t glamorous. It’s not braggable, right? People respond with a look of pity, and there’s nothing more frustrating. They don’t understand – I don’t want their pity. I desire for understanding. I’m capable of doing what I need to do to survive, but sometimes the screeching in ...