• A lady's eye peeking through a whole in a large leaf

    I’m laying still under the shade of nature’s green curtains The wind caresses me with her gentle touches  It’s as though she’s whispering “slow and steady.” These words journeying to my soul as my lungs take in their air doses a little bit at a time
  • The shadow of a man with arms spread out.

    There’s a new phase at every turn  It’s a new transition that catches you unawares It’s the casual conversations that change quickly to career plans It’s the lovers’ chitchat that’s overridden by a toddler’s cries It’s the ridges formed from wrinkles on the smooth planes of our faces Alas, it’s the minds that once thought ...
  • A woman hugging a girl

    From my window, I catch the image of a mother and child  On their way to meet destiny’s demands  Fine wrinkles gracefully line the once plain floors of mums face The little girl looks up and sees her reflection in mum and wishes to step one line ahead To make a better life than this ...
  • Family holding hands

    Houses sit side by side Car horns and tire screeches mark the busy day Voices of eager sellers’ inflated promises fill the air With my eye, I spy a diligent father intent on working hard to bring home food Through my eye’s corner, I see a caring mom sentinel as her kids migrate a pedestrian ...
  • A quail pen on a paper beside an ink bottle

    Blank papers rustles about by the windDried ink pots are cracked from neglectI suppose there are lines I’m supposed to writeThere are emotions I expect to pour outBut I think I rather bury them deep within So here’s what I plan to do insteadWhy don’t I give you my quail pen?To write down the earnest ...
  • A man's hand covered in dirt

    The air gives off a serious aura It’s time to buckle our belts and tie up the hay It’s the season to plant eager expectations What’s the end harvest gonna be? We’re not certain but we hold onto hope We’re told hard work pays off in the end So it’s the more reason to roll ...
  • A bus with luggage on top

    The sound of jingling bells drifts away The fading glitter of fireworks bid farewell My grandma’s cologne warm scent lingers on the couch Signaling the Holiday season is over If I were given a genie with three wishes I’d trap these precious moments forever Freezing the smiles on my family’s faces and snuggle eternally in ...
  • A lady spreading her arms in joy

    How do I explain the bubbles rising withinHow do I identify the tingling in my feetHow do I count the reasons my lips keep spreading in smilesWhere do I find the glueto hold my feet on the floorAnd prevent me from springing up with joy. It’s the one YES inside the chaos of NOsIt’s the ...
  • A woman holding her chest

    A tightening pain grips my chest with all its mightA downturned smile stubbornly sticks to my faceMy eyes are too heavy to behold his faceThe taste of bitterness constantly laces my tongue Should I forgive, or should I also forgetShould I let go a little of the disdain I feel for himShould I count it ...
  • A man embracing a woman

    All around me is redAll around me smells freshAll around me is youAll around me is new When it storms, and the tides riseWhen the wind bellows with all its mightI cling to your embraceAnd build my safe-house amidst your smiles of grace