• Mirror

    At the local veil sales You will hear me ask “Are you wearing a mask” You, lurking in the back pews Beyond your mirror’s view Waiting to be rescued  When you return home If you roll away your mirror of stone You will no longer be alone 
  • Digital art of a dead blackbird

    Confused, Roslynd looked at Mr. Haggleman and pointed towards the field where the scarecrow once waved at her. “It was there! I swear, Mr. Haggleman!” “Oh, I guess your mind is playin’ tricks on ya, that’s all.” The old truck bounced down the road as it passed the last restored fields and turned right at ...
  • Pierced Ear

    A shiver of nerves zips up my spine as I wait in the empty parlor. Most days, this place is hopping with customers or random beings coming off the street to catch a glimpse of the inside. I certainly feel that after peering at all the colorful designs etched on the walls outside. The bold ...
  • Digital art of an old farm house in a field.

    Roslynd and her mother neared a place the town residents called The Crossroads. Dry cotton fields lined both sides of the intersection. Dead plant stocks knocked against one another as the afternoon wind ran down each row. An old scarecrow with a twisted grin, hunched over a dilapidated pole, danced as every gust howled at ...
  • An empty hallway

    I’m awakened by the piercing sound of woeful screams The wind has stopped in recognition of a loss The sun has dimmed her smile in response to a man’s pain An exchange seems to have been made A soul has left a home And is being replaced by wondering and tears What is life? It’s ...
  • The Island Flamingo

    The boat slows down as it nears a remote island. I look over to the right and see the sandy shore with a small dock. A large metal fence circles the area with notices that have the words ‘PRIVATE: NO TRESPASSING’ written on them. Miss Jessica has the right idea. Louis stops his boat by ...
  • Digital art of a cloaked figure walking through the forest. Artwork was drawn by the author.

    Roslynd Brenner meets a mysterious, cloaked figure who changes her life and her impoverished town. Her journey if full of adventure, mystery, and greed. Will she make the right choices, or will she fall prey to her new found abilities?
  • Man standing near water and bench

    "Roger!" The Man called. "Roger! Heel. Heel!" It was futile. Roger, filled with excitement to the point where he couldn't help but run, embraced the freedom of the wide-open shoreline while the gusting wind threw the man's voice away. The Man was too enfeebled to run after the dog.
  • The Island Flamingo

    Several minutes pass while I watch the shoreline and marina become smaller until they evaporate. The view becomes nothing but blue sea and sky, the shadows of seagulls flying toward the beaches. My hat flops around in the breeze, so I hold it down with one hand. Louis remains quiet for some time; the only ...
  • Snow covered bud

    In early spring, a bud sustains  a crown of snow.   She claims, “Look, Mother Nature, My crown is evaporating, Only you are constant.” “Look, Mother Nature, I’m here!” She exclaims.