• Carefree dancer

    “Tip-tapTip-tap,One-TwoOne-Two,”I repeat. “One-stepOne-step,One-TwoTwo-Three,”He whispers. I falter,I sway,I trip,I bumble. I leap,I soar,I fly,I descend. “My love,My love,”I call. “My dove,You okay?”He asks. “My darling,Never better,”I reply. For I am yours,Mon amor.
  • Starlight

    The starlight dances, In the whispering woods, They slow dance through the night.
  • 1243

    Have you ever stared into the eyes of a corpse that was still breathing? A corpse not resting calmly in a casket, but standing straight, pallid, rigid, bleak– it’s quite a devastating experience I must admit, especially when I realized this is not a gruesome dream. –this is my reality.   The encounter took place ...