• Couple embracing

    Oh sanctify me!My Savior! Your embraceis all I need. Your skinholy salvation. “Stay Away,”They told me. How could I?We’re magnets. Destined to bedrawn to another. No matter ifpulled apart. Over and overwe find us glued.
  • Marble Statue

    A new spring is about to startTen lost winters have weathered my heartAnd mud-larks still sing until dark Bridges of dreams were crossedThe ocean and river spannedWaters of love found Our true love ran deepCascading over hidden rocksAnd sharp stones were softened by sand The winds of time shreddedOur threadbare sailsAnd replaced the canvas sheetsWith ...
  • 768

    Don’t you walk away from me, Amber. You going to stop me, Father Jon? This is your destiny you’re trying to escape. White feathered wings flapped gently against the crystal blue sky, the breeze waving through her blonde ponytail. Freedom flowing through the fabric of her plain, light blue dress. His voice vanishes from her ...
  • 1302

    I always thought that writers had a desk they needed to sit at in order for the ideas to start coming out. I thought they had a very specific routine where they had to have their favorite beverage just the right temperature and it couldn’t be anything less than perfect. This is why I didn’t ...
  • Hope

    Do ordinary routines brighten your day, or do you schlep a lead-weight dread spirit everywhere you go? Allow me to help you learn how to shed the dread and live lighter, happier lives from this day forward. I offer you this truth found in Isaiah 55:10-11 of the King James Bible.  “For as the rain ...