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    When spoken wordsBecome your demiseKnowingly express yourselfBy reducing the level ofConfusion withOpen communicationAllow confusionTo becomeConversationWhich guides you toConservationOf thoughts, feelings and emotionsThe process that minimizesWords and createsActionsWith no directionBut leads toA fractionOf the confusionThat comes with totalExpressionOf all your emotions Photo taken by C. Nicole Charles
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    A country built on fears made of multiple tiers causing mothers to shed tears because others cannot contain their scares   We cannot ‘run’ free that’s now news to me for when they see me in the land of the free they somehow still see – property   I step out of line wrong place ...
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    I’ve been stuck in this void, A deep void that sends me into madness, I’ve been kept silent, Silent like the deep night sky, I’ve been afraid all my life, Afraid that I might do something wrong, I’ve been stuck my whole life…