• Anxiety

    I am a failure. A few weeks ago, I started a new content writing internship. Missed deadlines left and right. Today I worked on an article all day, added the external links, and now it’s gone. I want to cry. I quickly e-mailed my editor, and I rewrote the article again. Mistakes happen. Life happens, ...
  • life lessons, self-awareness, hope, faith

    I walked through blackness lately. Holding out my arms, forever searching for hope, only to realize that hope is not solid but as free as the air. It shows itself through a crack in the dark—a glow that grows when worry and doubt combine. You cannot have hope alone but in combination with adversity. As ...
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    I always thought that writers had a desk they needed to sit at in order for the ideas to start coming out. I thought they had a very specific routine where they had to have their favorite beverage just the right temperature and it couldn’t be anything less than perfect. This is why I didn’t ...