• Anxiety

    I am a failure. A few weeks ago, I started a new content writing internship. Missed deadlines left and right. Today I worked on an article all day, added the external links, and now it’s gone. I want to cry. I quickly e-mailed my editor, and I rewrote the article again. Mistakes happen. Life happens, ...
  • life lessons, self-awareness, hope, faith

    I walked through blackness lately. Holding out my arms, forever searching for hope, only to realize that hope is not solid but as free as the air. It shows itself through a crack in the dark—a glow that grows when worry and doubt combine. You cannot have hope alone but in combination with adversity. As ...
  • Woman screaming with elastic bands all over her face

    We all have been frustrated in life. It happens to everyone, including myself. It is totally normal to feel that way. You feel like sometimes you have to take one step forward and then two steps backward.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word frustrated means feeling discouragement, anger, and annoyance because of unresolved problems ...
  • Look For The Lesson

    It happened to me. No, I am not writing about #whammageddon, although that did happen on December 11th, 2020. According to the rules, I heard it on the radio at work, so it was fair play and random. What happened is much more serious. In a year that we are all struggling to get through, ...
  • An all white puzzle is missing a piece. The background is black.

    I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life Equating being busy to being successful. Multiple deadlines, overwhelming projects, With nothing but nervous energy to push them towards completion. Some projects do get finished, But only if they were created for someone else. Personal goals get shoved in a corner, To gather dust alongside abandoned ...
  • 1180

    I always thought that writers had a desk they needed to sit at in order for the ideas to start coming out. I thought they had a very specific routine where they had to have their favorite beverage just the right temperature and it couldn’t be anything less than perfect. This is why I didn’t ...
  • 1822

    This is my 6-month check-in for an article I wrote back in January, about the problem with perfection and why to take chances. You can read that article here.   The premise of the article was the fear of failure, and how I decided that I was going to push myself to take chances and ...
  • 2565

    I’m what you would call a “hardcore perfectionist.” Between years of agonizing over how to reach peak perfection and stumbling over my self sabotaging ways, I’ve become the person that I am today: imperfect, and trying to figure out the next big step in my life. At 25 years old, my definition of “perfect” isn’t ...